Welcome to Way Up In Alaska!!
Wow!! We have over 12,500 items in our eBay store !!  We are always adding items!

**February 25, 2020:  The Ulu & Knives page is finished!  And like with all the other pages, am putting a link to our eBay store if it's available there, and that will open in a new window. 
**February 19, 2020:  Patches page 2 is now in the new format :)  The Ulu & Knives page is next on my list to rework :)
**February 12, 2020:  Page 1 of the Patches is up! Working on page 2 :) 
**February 4, 2020:  2 pages of Ornaments are up! Page 2 has some ornaments with a couple gift wraps, wall plaques and the last one of our Alaska Stacking Dolls
**January 24, 2020:  Have put the Alaska Transfers & Design page into the new layout and added it to the Catalog page .   Now onto the next page! :) 
**January 23, 2020:  Uploaded the last of the magnet pages - Magnets Page 3 - onto the next to update to the new layout.  The links on items that show to our eBay store, will open up in a new window. 
**January 20, 2020:  Finished out the day by uploading Magnets Page 2
**January 14, 2020:  New layout for Magnets Page 1 is finished - now onto page 2! :)  If you see anything that I need to fix, please let me know Thanks!!

 Here are the updates so far:
We added a Catalog page !! each page has a menu bar along the side, but can get to the main catalog from the link at the top and bottom of each page

Updated Pages: Alaska Transfers & Design Antiques & Vintage Items , Bigfoot & Jackalope About Us , Contact , Clothing , Creamer's Dairy , Collector & Novelty Plates , Drinkware & Accessories , Home Decor & Misc Gifts , Jewelry , Keychain , Magnets Ornament , Patches, and Ulu & Knife
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What a great postcard!! This is one of the many postcards send out.  this one is an older postcard, probably around 1960's or so  What a great store this was! Sadly it burned down in 1986.

**This postcard the original one, not a reprint