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**OH WOW!!! we are over 11,600 items in our eBay store!!!
Photo credit:  Kevin Thompson - Grizzly in Denali National Park 2015
**Want a free postcard???  Check out our Postcard swap  page for info on how to get one.  Plus is has pictures of the postcards we received so far.    
Photo credit:  Kevin Thompson
Eagle in Valdez Alaska
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**August 23, 2018:  Have just uploaded the New Drinkware & Accessories page!!! Have removed the links to the shotglass and mugs from the menu since they now have a home on the new page :)  
**September 7, 2018:  Uploaded an update to the Home Decor & Misc Gifts page - am adding new things and removing sold out items that we are no longer able to order 
**September 12, 2018:  Just finished adding the New Alaska Merit Badges and the new Moose patch to the Patches page 
**September 21, 2018:  Added a couple of Bigfoot prints to the Bigfoot & Jackalope Page .  And just finished working on the Home Decor & Misc Gifts pages.  As with the other pages, I have been adding links to the item listing in our eBay store for those who wish to purchase through there.