Alaska Mugs
Some mugs show 2 pictures, that is just to show the full picture on the mug.  The price is set for 1 (one) mug.
Alaska Wildlife
A colorful coffee mug featuring images of many various Alaskan wildlife
**The picture shows 2 mugs, that was just so we could get a good photo of the front  and back  ...the price and shipping quote is for just one mug **
** Only a few left!! - Can be bought through our eBay store **
When ordering, the shipping is being figured by weight of items - not by quantity or price - if there is an overage in the payment made, we do refund overages :)  If you prefer not to use paypal or credit card, please contact us for alternate payments.  Thank you Shel 'n Kev !
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Cute seal face on this Alaska Mug
Has the image just on one side
** Last few available in our eBay store **
Colorful coffee mug
"Unless you're the lead dog, the scenery never changes in Alaska"
Has the same image on both sides
** Last one available in our eBay store  **
Black Mug with 3 Grizzly pictures
this 11oz mug features 3 different grizzly bear scenes
One scene shows the grizzly bear with a salmon in his mouth while standing in front of a waterfall.  The middle pictures is of the bear on all fours .  And the Third is the grizzly bear with a fish in his mouth walking to the waters edge.
**  Last few available in our eBay store  **
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**Special note on arrival times**

We mail out daily -we are located in Alaska and all our items being mailed out come from here so it can take a bit longer to arrive.  ( Only days we do not mail out are holidays or weekends)  If an item is ordered Friday it will be sent out Monday.  Can take on average 5 - 7 days, some may be quicker others may take 14 days....depending on weather or holidays within the week.

International mail - Due to weight and high amount of mugs being broken in shipment, we are no longer offering international shipping on mugs